23 days completed

Crikey, we are a quarter way through the cycle challenge already. That seems to have flown by fast…..

Personal Best

Time is flying.  On Wednesday I did a one hour personal best power output.  The main set of this session was 40 minutes hovering under threshold (HUT) at 250 watts.  I was dreading this session all day but it really wasn’t that bad at all, I felt like I could hold these watts all day.

This is where I think the sessions in the gym are starting to bear fruit. Once session a week I am riding on the gym spin bike with a low cadence and every 10 minutes I stop and do three sets of squats with 30kg.  It looks something like:

  • Week One: 3x 12 squats
  • Week Two: 3x 15 squats
  • Week Three 3x 15 squats
  • Week Four 3x 20 squats
  • Week Five: 3x 25 squats
  • Week Six: 3x 30 squats


My one hour personal peak power rose from 227 watts to 231 watts.

40min HUT.JPG

I am currently four weeks in a row of cycling over 200km each week.  Last time I had done this was back in April 2018. The next best volume block was way back in April and May 2017 when I rode seven weeks in a row over 200km each week, with that being my best ever consistent volume block.  To me, this is alarming.


While I rode my bike everyday throughout the week, on Friday I couldn’t get onto the bike till 10pm and I had to be up at 4am the next morning so I just put the minimum of 20 minutes in the legs.

  • 7 rides in total
  • 225km
  • 4 rides on the TT bike
  • 2 rides on the road bike
  • 1 ride on the gym spin bike
  • 3 strength sessions (2 in the gym and 1 at hone)
  • 5 mobility sessions
  • 3 oxygen deprivation sessions
  • Meditated once



Week 3

17th June 2015, I was exchanging emails with my old coach and now mentor Allan Pitman Allan replied to a race report I had sent him “It goes against common beliefs but I think you need to spend the winter getting your swim stronger and committing to 10hrs of cycling every week from the start of July till Cairns next year (June 2016) – just make that “what you do”.

Unfortunately at the time, I only had approximately ten hours a week to train across swim, bike, run and in the gym however this comment has stuck with me ever since and I often think of it.

It is this comment from Allan that was a significant factor in me starting the cycle challenge.  Even though I still can’t seem to find ten hours of cycling a week at the moment, I have made cycling my primary objective this winter with riding all 93 days of winter.


This week’s stats:

  • 7 rides
  • 238km
  • Time riding was 8:35
  • 2 rides on my time trial bike
  • 3 rides on the road bike
  • 1 ride on the mountain bike
  • 1 ride on the spin bike at the gym
  • 3 strength sessions with 2 in the gym and 1 at home
  • 4 mobility sessions
  • 2 oxygen deprivation sessions
  • meditated once


Challenge Stats:

  • 16 rides in 16 days
  • 512.6km



Week 2 of the cycle challenge

This week was always going to be a challenge with my avlable training hours due to work and family commitments.  I was able to cycle every day however I had to cut two sessions in half on Wednesday and Thursday.  Needing to work 67 hours really created rush hour a few time throughout the week.

One of the key sessions I had was 10x 10sec MAX effort, 3min easy.  This ride saw my 3sec, 4sec, 5sec and 10sec peak power increase.  Seven out of the ten efforts broke past my previous best power.  Sounds good but not a surprise as most of my training in the past decade have all been about developing a diesel engine that targets 180km time trials.

Below is my power curve for this session.  You can see I have taken each interval and overlapped them to compare each one.

bike one.png


Another key sessions I started this week was in the gym.  It is 40min of cycling with every 10min of riding I stop and complete 3x 12 squats with 30kg.  The 10min cycling between each lot of squats are done in a big gear to really focus on strength. Over the next thirteen weeks, this session will increase to 3x 30 squats with 10min of cycling between and I will play around with weights.

This is an old cycling session a lot of top cyclists would do in the off season.



As of a cycling point of view I have completed

  • 7 cycle sessions
  • 3 strength sessions with two in the gym and one at home
  • 3 oxygen deprivation sessions
  • 3 mobility sessions
  • 1 ride was on my time trial bike
  • 1 ride was on the spin bike
  • rest of the rides were on my road bike

Cycle Blog

When I started Cycle Smooth it was originally to scratch an itch with the podcast, the podcast grew larger than I ever thought it would so I started this website and started to offering my coaching services to cyclists.  I have been deep into triathlon coaching for some time now and cycling is another sport I am very passionate about.

One of the things I wanted to do was start blogging on this website but I didn’t want the blogs to be like so many other cycle websites that simply offer text book style information for training, racing, recovery, nutrition, etc.  I want the blog to me like a story we can all follow, learn and develop.

Last Sunday was the first day of the Cycle Smooth Cycle Challenge.  This is something I am doing myself and thought I would open it up for the rest of the world to do.  We ride everyday of June, July and August with every session structured for a reason.

I thought I would use this cycle challenge to also kick start the blog and log what I am doing, what I am learning, show training data and show my coaching philosophies.